Thursday, 17 May 2012

New fave website - Casa Brazil

I spotted a gorgeous interior on One Kind Design on Monday and sent it straight to my work colleague Lou and tagged it "your dream house".  She sent back an equally amazing space and so began my search for the source of these amazing interior images.  It was Casa Brazil, kinda like a Brazilian version of Apartment Therapy.  Its a little bit addictive, but make sure you have your Google page translator on as it is in Portuguese.  Here are just a few amazing homes I found on their site.

Bags as decoration in this Brazilian beach house

Rustic Bahian beach house

Gorgeous loft in Pittsburg

Apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil

A small apartment with statement art in Sao Paulo

A stunning Rio apartment

The same apartment, just love those books above the doorway.

A lush velvet sofa in this Bahian apartment. 

Feast your eyes on more and more Interior Porn at Casa Brazil


  1. I love that purple sofa! I could definitely curl up in that



  2. Hey Jo !

    You know that I am a fond follower of yours on here as well as your pinterest account and therefore as I love you so much and your ideas I would love to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. It meant so much to me to receive it and it would mean so much to me if you would accept it with open arms !! hehehehe to know more please check out my blog With Passion and Love ... I hope you are interested !

    Love Chrissi x

    1. Hi Chrissi! Thank you, that is so nice of you! I read all your blog updates on google reader, so I am definitely a reader :), i just have to sort out my schedule to allow more time to comment on all the blogs I read!!

    2. Oh i know exactly what you ... I am in the midsts of planning my own wedding, decorating and working as a nanny as well as trying to practice yoga again and make sure i stay in touch with friends and it is hard work !!!! But you deserve the award .... Love Chrissi x

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