Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Bedroom Series - Whites and Grey

Today's post I continue on the fun task of sourcing different bedroom looks for my friend Chelsea!

In bedrooms, whites and greys are calm and restful, but they do not need to be boring! By incorporating different textures and patterns you can bring this neutral pallet to life.

Here is my inspiration room. I love the old bin as a side table, genius!

bedroom grey

Here are my inspired pieces

Ikat pillows from Etsy. Similar ones here which are $38.50 for 2 and here for $28 each.
Lovemaki cushion via Etsy, $50
Mercer and Reid Faux Throw from Adairs, currently on sale for $89.95
The famous 'For Like Ever' print, seen all over the internet in pink and red, gets a makeover in grey. Love it! $60 from Super Rural.
Whimsical bunny lamp from Lark Made, $150.
The 2 tier Componiblis, $85 which is one of Chelsea's wish list items for her new room!
Shaggy white rug from Deals Direct 165cm x 115cm, a steal at $59!

All these items teamed up with a plain white bedspread from Ikea (i think it would set you back about $30) would make a beautiful and restful budget room!

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  1. My whole place is white and grey ... very calming and i love it ! xx


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