Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Aria Awards

The ARIA awards were on last week (the Aussie equivalent of the Brits or the Grammy's) and as usual I don't really care who wins or loses, I just want to see the red carpet.  The thing about the ARIA's is they are always very hit and miss fashion wise, with a mix of great looks and absolute disasters.  This year was no different, and I wont hurt your eyes with the bad ones, only my favourites :)
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Model and TV presenter Erin McNaught
(I might have to do a fashion blog post dedicated to her soon, she always gets it right!)
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Singer Jessica Mauboy.
Dress is a little OTT and a bit baggy, but I like where she is heading

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Delta Goodrem striking a pose!

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Model Carissa Walford

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Singer and TV presenter Natalie Bassingthwaite

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Model Laura Dundovic (love the shoes)

And lastly, my favourite, singer Zoe Badwi.  Its young and fresh and the look is really suitable for the event.  The mixing of colours is also spot on.

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All images from the Herald Sun

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Im back

Got back from Bali this morning, and despite a comfy business class flight, I am severely jet lagged.  HOW do people sleep on planes?  I just don't understand..

Got back to the latest edition of Who Weekly with Lara Bingle defending her weight with an absolutely gorgeous photo shoot in Bali.  (cant believe she has to defend anything). Apologies for blurry rubbish photos...!

Source: Who Magazine

Friday, 18 November 2011


Off to Bali tomorrow, so no posting for awhile!

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Lara Bingle in Bali, taken a few days ago. Source: Lara's twitter

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Picture Arrangements

I am a little hopeless at picture arranging.  So far I have three prints above my bed that are in a straight line.  That's it.  Although I am mighty impressed with the fact that they are level and evenly spaced.  That took some work.  When i see images like the spaces below, I get a little jealous and think I could never mimic that look without copying it completely...

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Source: nattybydesign
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Source: apieceapart
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Source: onehour
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Source: Martha Stewart
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Source: Apartment Therapy
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Source: La Dolce VIta
Until now!!!!!  How amazing are these picture guides!  

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Source: Anne Beck Photography
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Source: Brand
Another great tip is to cut out pieces of paper the same size as your pictures and then Blu-Tak them to the wall before hammering anything in.  Smart thinking.

The next step is to chose your pictures and frames, to get that eclectic mis-match just right.

Concert Hangover

Will struggle to get through today.  Kings of Leon at Rod Laver Arena were amazing last night and I am beyond tired at work today.  So worth it!

I had great seats!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Monday, 14 November 2011

Hermes Spotting

After spying several Hermes throws in Rachel Zoe's home pics (including in her nursery, below), I have been on a 'Spot that Hermes throw' mission.

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They seem to be the ultra chic accessory right now!
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Source: The Decorista

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Source: Style Encyclopedia
I love the picture above, mixing in a few Missoni cushions
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Source: Elle Decor
Or if there is just no chance of owning a Hermes throw, ill take a tray.

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Source: H&H Mag

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Source: So Haute Style

If all else fails i'll take some orange boxes :)

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Source: Made by Girl

But if you are super clever like my new favourite blog "peep my style" you can frame a gorgeous Hermes scarf!  I cant wait until Claudia shares an image of her framed scarf, what a fab idea for artwork!!  Here is the scarf:

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Passport Covers

I finally got my passport renewed, ready for my trip to Bali in just under 7 days time! The new photo is still a bit of a disappointment, but WHO looks good in passport photos??!

So this had me thinking about prettying up my passport a little with a great cover!

Would it look SO much better in one of these?

1. Ciao Bella from Ciao Bella Travel
2. See by Chloe from Net a Porter
3. Tory Burch from Tory Burch
4. Smythson from Net a Porter
5. Kate Spade from Kate Spade
6. Rebecca Minkoff (and my favourite) from Nordstroms

Sunday Images

What better way to recover from a migraine than to look at pretty images?  Here are some of my faves from this week...

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By the way, those amazing lamps are Robert Abbey.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Victoria's Secret

Just a quick image post today as I got home from work to find an injured lorikeet in my driveway :(.  My neighbours cat was also trying to attack the poor thing.  So, I was off to the vet with the thing going mad and flapping about in a bucket!  My poor neighbour ended up with a bloody hand, they are vicious things!!  Plus, I am dead scared and creeped out by birds....arrgh (hello Alfred Hitchcock)

'The Birds' has scarred me for life.

Anyway, it was Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night!

In the works: Earlier the Australian model was pictured getting spruced in the hair and make-up chair ahead of tonight 's runway spectacular

Leggy lovely: Candice Swanepoel takes a turns in her pretty pink silk gown as she gets transformed

Stay still now: A make-up artist applies a slick of eyeliner as Swanepoel sits patiently

Ice peacock: Miranda Kerr was a show-stopper in this $2.5 million diamond studded bra at the New York show tonight

What a treasure! Alessandro Ambrosio in the Passion Play wings, which took seven years to design and make

What a show: Alessandra and Adriana make an arresting sight in light and dark colours at the fantastical show

Getting the party started: Candice Swanepoel opened the show in purple wings, but changed into glorious neon later

Oh, what a night! Nicki Minaj also performed as Kanye serenaded the beauties Love, sweet love: Maroon 5's Adam Levine seranades his girlfriend Anne Vyalitsina during the show

Huge show: Alessandra Amborsio appears tiny with the backdrop of the detailed and large scale backdrop of the fashion show

Rain-proof: Izabel Goulart shows how to keep her lingerie set out of the rain

What a lineup: The angels got the crowd into the party mood as they took to the stage en mass

Images from Daily Mail