Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday Images

Images that caught my eye this week :)

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Chanel'o'lantern via

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Miranda via

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Lea via
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Cosy space from Tumblr
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Millie, Hugo and Spencer - Made in Chelsea (love this show) via Google

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Dirty Dancing via - perfect Sunday arvo movie I think!
Some personal shots of dinner at St Katherines restaurant in Melbourne.  Fans of Aussie Masterchef will know this as George Calombaris' restaurant.  (Shout out to my cousin Nick who took me there as a Uni graduation present!)

Fab Bulgari Pellegrino, assorted sharing dishes followed by a jam donut and choc mousse.  Roll me outta there.
Now back to my favourite Sunday activity - Pop Asia music videos on SBS.

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