Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Today the office discussion was around "best TV shows of all time".  Considering the range of ages, this is not at all an agreeable topic.  Cross the gender divide and you get more arguments.  Add in one staff members love of slapstick comedy, well there is just no common ground.  How can I possibly agree with someone who likes Fawlty Towers?? I mean CMON!!  Its stupid!!

So one of my top five is definitely Sex and the City.  Its amazing.  When Carrie was 'rescued' by Big in Paris, well what a perfect end.  And its still relevant. 13 years after it first aired.

Thanks to THIS tumblr blog, you can relive some of the greatest moments over the 7 seasons!  Here are some of my favourites......

I could go on ALL day


  1. LOVE sex and the city!! I especially love the scene where Carrie says sometimes she'd buy vogue instead of dinner... CLASSIC! Looking forward to following your blog, follow mine as well! :)


  2. Love this post! and if you would have gone on all day I would too, reading that is :P x, S.


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