Friday, 8 June 2012


I have been absent from blogging for 2 main reasons.

1. a back and hip injury means that when i get home from work (sitting at a desk) the thought of sitting at my desk at home is a nightmare. Fortunately the hip is on the mend, slowly (this will be an ongoing 'battle') and i also upgraded my old laptop to a Macbook Air yesterday. The long battery life means i can blog from bed. Bliss.  Its also what i am doing right now!

2. i have been minding my brothers fianc├ęs chihuahua whilst they are holidaying in Fiji. (i have to be very clear its not HIS mini dog!) Now, our family dog is a rottweiler, so i have never really been exposed to the needs of a small dog.  Needless to say they demand a lot of attention!! I have also felt that he might be a bit nervous and lonely, so have spent blogging time walking him and generally giving him attention.

But he is home now, so i am free to blog again! However it is a long weekend in Australia, so blogging will resume after i get back from a weekend break.

I plan on watching the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars and The Real Housewives of New York.  Guilty pleasure viewing ;). I might also finally read 50 shades of Grey......

Now i would post a great picture here, but I am still learning how to use a Mac! I will gladly take any tips you have on photo/image cutting and editing software, or general blogging from a Mac tips :). I am still trying to figure out the good old copy and paste...eek!


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  1. Copy the text by highlighting and dragging from left to right then when it's highlighted in blue right click on the mouse pad and copy ... Take the copy to where u want it then right click in the space / box with the mouse pad again and the desired image / text should appear :)


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