Monday, 21 May 2012

Weekend Wine Tour

I actually did something fun and exciting and worth blogging about this weekend. I don't think anyone would normally care that I had a Game of Thrones marathon and ate a pasta.  But this weekend gone I went on a wine tour in the Yarra Valley! My friends bought this as a birthday gift which is a fantastic idea, because its fun for them and me and I love wine. A lot.

Picked up on a mini bus with other wine enthusiasts, we headed out to the first stop...Yering Farm. (I battled car sickness the whole way. This is normal)

Here we had the first of many tastings. Its a really cute little cellar door, and probably one of my favourite places aesthetically.  Cute and rustic with a nice warm open fire to escape the freezing day!

Next to the famous Rochford Winery for a spot of lunch. Famous because of their wine, but also their summer concert series featuring artists such as Lionel Richie and Hall and Oates.

Here is my lunch, slow cooked lamb with pappardelle, all included with a glass of wine, yum.

Before we knew it, we had another million tastings and were back on the bus to famous Yering Station. I think this wine was really nice, but as you have tasted about 20 wines by this stage things were starting to all taste the same......

But Yering Station is very similar to Yering Farm with a very rustic and charming feel.

And lastly off to Chandon, which is the Australian arm of French Champagne producer, Moet and Chandon.  This winery was probably the most informative, we learnt all about how they make sparkling wine and I also enjoyed a glass of a sparkling red.

Then it is all over and you are back on the bus and taken home. Only this time there is no car sickness, wine cures that. Also there were a lot of people idea why.

If you live in Melbourne, or are travelling to Melbourne, I HIGHLY recommend this trip run by the Australian Wine Tour Co. It was only $110, an absolute bargain for a day out. Although I did by several bottles of wine ;).

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