Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Esther Boutique

I love online shopping, more so than shopping in store, in person. I think its because you can think about an item, look at it a million times, compare it to things in your wardrobe and to other items online, or just save it for tomorrow (sometimes you need to sleep on it).  I find with shopping in store you often feel pressured to make a decision there and then, and sitting around in a change room for half an hour deciding if you really need an item does look a little, well, odd.

My regular go to stores are ASOS (or course) ,Topshop, Etsy, EBay and Eastbay.  But I am always excited to stumble across or have other websites recommended to me.  A new fave shared by my work colleague Catherine, is Aussie clothing retailer Esther Boutique.  I think I have chosen about 10 things I want already........but of course will sleep on it ;)


  1. I like the navy and white dress that is very cute ! x

  2. That coral/lace combo is too gorge for words! So dang sexy and chic, the perfect piece for an upcoming end of summer wedding I have...this is seriously what I've been searching for! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Weekend!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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