Sunday, 22 July 2012


Wow what a weekend. Finally found bridesmaid dresses for my brothers wedding, and they are lovely!  The wedding is in summer and the bride loved a bright magenta/purple, so I am wrapped.  The style is lovely too. Its certainly not anything like this:

Then my friend Siobhan finally got engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years, and I am all set to be a bridesmaid again.  I am now busy researching hens ideas for both:)!  A work colleague recently went to a hens where they had a penthouse apartment, nude model that they had to sketch, a topless waiter and a night out at some lovely bars in the city. Needless to say its time to get creative!

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  1. OK you had me worried for like a few seconds until I finished reading your post that those were the dresses ... big fat gypsy dresses ARGH now wouldn't that be awful !

    I want a tea party in a sweet garden here in London and I'd be more than happy with that for my hen party although i like to call it a bridal shower !!! Then I had get showered in gifts ... oh the Americans !



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