Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Louis Ghost Chair - Finally!

I have finally purchased a replica Louis Ghost chair, from Click on Furniture!

I love this look as they are modern, yet discreet for small spaces.  I used to have a large normal kinda desk chair, but now that i have finished studying I dont need to spend hours at my desk which means I can justify a less comfortable (but more chic!) chair.

Here is the Louis in action is some fab office spaces!

Now the task of styling my desk, it's a mess.......

Images via Glitter Guide, Made by Girl and Peep My Styles

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  1. ive been lusting after this chair for a while now, but must wait to click it home until i won a home..since my hubby and i are planning on moving back to texas from israel at the end of the year, my desire must wait. but its lovely & we you should post pics of your desk!!

    wanted to let you know of a giveaway im hosting, my first ever!! you can win some goodies from israel, if youre interested...

    fly far blog giveaway


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