Friday, 9 December 2011

Bali's Finest

When in Bali, I was lucky to visit a couple of amazing places worth blogging about.
Firstly, Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak..

We went here twice, both times for dinner and it is nothing short of amazing.  Designed by architect Andra Martin, it is a modern take on the Coliseum.  18th century teak shutters decorate the exterior facade, a lush green lawn sweeps down to a beach front pool in the interior.

We enjoyed modern cocktails that were very reasonably priced (around $10AUD) and meals around $20.  We also ate at the tapas and seafood restaurant "Lilin" which has 4 plate tapas menus at around $20AUD as well as an array of fresh seafood.

Stunning teak shutter exterior
Beach side pool and swim up bar

Ampitheatre design is breathtaking at night
Modern interior bar
Great view!

The second notable mention is the venue we stayed at for the wedding.  

Villa Beji in Canngu (about 20 minutes drive from Seminyak) has private detached villas with a large shared area, movie room and we even had a private Chef.  He was mostly really really good at ensuring that there were enough cold beers by the pool :)

Pinned Image
Villa Beji Pool.  Many hours spent lounging here!

Putting up lanterns for the wedding
The ceremony at Umah Di Beji, just next door
I was actually really really surprised by Bali.  There were a number of boutiques in Seminyak where you could buy some beautiful dresses and accessories.  I also found a Topshop in Kuta which was a pleasantly surprising find!  

The food was also very enjoyable, with a number of fine dining options dotted around Seminyak, such as Gado Gado and Ultimo.  I was very disappointed to miss out on a trip to Rock Bar, but maybe next time ;).

I think the best thing about Bali though, was the people.  They are lovely, friendly and laid back and really make your stay more enjoyable.

All photos are my own, or from the Potato Head and Villa Beji websites and Facebook pages

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