Tuesday, 14 February 2012


The best.  Yes it's Paris Hilton.  I am as shocked as you all are.

Shimmer and sparkle: Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne and Miranda Lambert all wore eye-catching sparkling gowns for the red carpet event
Getty via Daily Mail

The pretty good from Carrie Underwood.

Perfect from every angle: Carrie Underwood put in a stunning appearance in a backless Gomez-Gracia gown
Getty via the Daily Mail

The 'What the Hell?' from Robyn.

All white on the night: Comedienne Kathy Griffin, left, actress Malin Akerman and, right, singer Robyn, who wore some unusual tan boots
Getty via Daily Mail

And the award for best military inspired arm piece goes to a singer named Sasha...

Leaving a lot to be desired: Singer Sasha Gradiva wears metal armature for the awards, while Nadeea goes over the top
Reuters via Daily Mail

Best pregnant goes to Lily Aldridge 

Model VIPs: Pregnant Victoria's Secret starlet Lily Aldridge and her pal Anne V strut their stuff for the cameras
Getty via Daily Mail

And best male to Bruno Mars...that hair...those sunnies!

Dapper gentlemen: Steve Martin, Mario Lopez and Bruno Mars look smart on the red carpet
Getty via Daily Mail


  1. Yes the guns had me confused.... but Paris does look the best!


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