Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tibi Perfection

A certain maxi dress image has been doing the rounds on pinterest and tumblr and I have finally found out where it was from. Thank goodness as I love the lilac, pink and minty tones!  I also worked out that it is in fact a maxi skirt and camisole, but also available some other dress styles.  

Tibi tibi

Simply gorgeous stuff from Tibi.  I shall stalk this skirt until it goes on sale! :)

I love those colours so much that I also stalked some interior spaces.  This darkish lilac stairwell is just stunning!

Source: Architectural Digest Russia
Love this beautiful pink sofa!

Source: The girls of lincoln park
And lastly, a minty Smeg fridge!

minty Smeg fridge
Source: ideastosteal.com

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