Monday, 6 February 2012

Shoe Love

I just received an email from ASOS saying 'blah blah blah SALE!!!!!!!' which is my favourite kind of email.  This time it's on shoes if you enter the code LOVEFOOTWEAR at checkout you get 20% off.  I cant get it to work though, so I guess due to the time difference it starts tomorrow. (Update, its now working!!) Either way, I have found some lovely shoes that will have to make do since those studded Topshop loafers sold out in five seconds..

Still available on their website, but in beige :(  for 28 GBP

ooh but Steve Madden have these ones!

These are $119 from their Aussie store
However, I am very impressed with this offering from ASOS for 35 GBP

Image 1 of ASOS LEANDRA Loafer
Lovely white accent, thank you ASOS!

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