Monday, 19 March 2012

Candles and Pyjamas

I haven't been to a Peter Alexander store in yonks and yonks.  Yesterday whilst shopping I was drawn into their Doncaster store by the smell of baking cookies.  

After a bit of investigation, I found that it was the scent of one candle.  Yes just one, that enticed me in.  It was 'Tahaa' by Glasshouse:

Best candle ever 

An absolutely amazing scent of Vanilla and Caramel. I have had a good smell of Glasshouse candles before and what I really love is that they all smell great.  Whilst Diptyque are considered by many as the 'rolls royce' of designer candles (and have the best packaging) I find some of them smell a little funky.  Some are nice, but some are really weird.  With Glasshouse, I find they all smell amazing and natural.

I do love the idea of using my old Diptyque glass to do this:

Source: Emily Schumann, Cupcakes and Cashmere
Just not sure I can justify the $99 AUD price tag :(.  Glasshouse candles are only $39, burn for 80 hours and are available at David Jones.

Now back to pyjama guru, Peter Alexander.

He sure knows how to merchandise his wares.  The smell of baking cookies and a store that had the heating up really high created that cosy environment that would make you want to purchase his sleepwear and curl up on the couch!  I did pick some favourites:

Peter Alexander sleep pants 

Pink Forest Harem Sleep Pant

Peter Alexander sleep tee 
Zebra Silk Sleep Tee

Peter Alexander Sleep socks 

Super cosy sleep socks

Love his stuff!!

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