Monday, 12 March 2012

Street Style Clutch Inspiration

I love street style. I love the randomness, the diverse personal style and the mix of designer, vintage and high street that create some of the best looks outside of the magazines (and sometimes even better than the magazines).

I also love them for outfit inspiration.  I don't often get caught up on an entire look, but rather one element will catch my attention and my obsession!  At the moment it is the clutch.  The accessory that holds just enough to get you by- the phone, a bit of cash, lipgloss and a house key.  But it is more than that, and as you will see for the images below it is the element that creates the most 'pop' and interest.

asos clutch
Source: PurpleMoon Tumblr
A touch of leopard- my favourite!
I am sooo after a leopard clutch
Source: Snob Fashion Source
And here is Poppy Delavinge rocking a purple clutch.  What a fantastic pop of colour.

Poppy D
Stockholm Street Style

Bright clutch
Stockholm Street style

To get an on trend clutch on a budget, you cannot beat Asos for range and price.  My favourites that are available right now are:

All images from ASOS current bag range

Did you notice the purple clutch is an exact match to the first image.  It might just be on my wish list!  

What are your favourite street style blogs??


  1. I love that purple on at the bottom! My favorite is street style blog of the moment is



  2. I'm loving the purple and leopard clutches... I don't think you can ever go wrong with a touch of leopard though.

  3. fantastic finds!!

  4. nice!


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