Monday, 26 March 2012

Cushion Crazy

I am currently on the hunt for some new cushions to liven up my old couch.  Rather than splurge on a new couch altogether, I think a small investment into some statement cushions is a smarter idea.  My favourite cushion maker of the moment is Caitlin Wilson, however her shipping to Australia is absolutely exorbitant!  But I was so happy to find them available on an Australian online retailer; Adorn Homewares which has shipping that is a little more affordable!

I think it was the following picture that drew me to Caitlin Wilson in the first place:

So after a bit of an online hunt, I have found a number of cushions that I really like, I now just need to work out the 'mix'.  Like the picture above, I don't like anything too matchy matchy!

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