Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ab Fab + Tolix

Totally exited by the new (and sixth) season of Ab Fab.  But I nearly suffered a heart attack when I saw their new kitchen.  Multicoloured Tolix chairs!!!  They look amazing.  They also had multicoloured stools, which I just cannot seem to find an image of just yet.  So now it has become an even more enjoyable show, not only funny but a joy to watch interiors wise (my favourite combination)!

Tolix stools can be pretty pricey, particularly if you want 6 - 8, but of course replicas are readily available from Milan Direct, Matt Blatt etc. for about $150ea.

Here are some other rooms sporting Tolix chairs and looking FAB!

Pinned Image
Grey tolix creating stylish and slightly industrial space 

Pinned Image
Multicoloured again!! :)

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