Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Scent of Departure

 I am a bit of a sucker for something that is a bit novel and comes in great packaging.  So these 'Scent of Departure' perfumes definitely caught my eye.  Inspired by exotic and city destinations, they aim to to take you far away without having to leave your home or 'subject yourself to long queues at the terminal gate'.

Now when I saw there was a perfume designed after New York, I was a bit confused how this would be achieved!  But it's apple (big apple, get it!), lilac and rose (from central park) and vanilla make for an alluring scent.

Scent of departure perfume #newyork

And just how fab is that packaging!? There are many more destinations to choose from (Bali, Miami & Istanbul to name but a few), so check out their website and online store here!

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